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Nicotine addiction - Stop smoking shot

Dr. Schweinshaupt uses Atropine and Scopolamine to detox patients off of cigarettes.  His success rate is 86% two months after treatment.  See for further details.  He has been using this treatment since 1997 and has treated over 3500 patients.  He has the most experience in this treatment than any other physician in the United States.

The Atropine and Scopolamine blocks the nicotine receptor sites getting rid of most of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.  Every week people tell how their friends, family, and co-workers have stopped,  and they want the treatment.  People from all over the country have come to Dr Schweinshaupt to stop smoking.

Links to Dr. Schweinshaupt's Stop smoking shots

     Linda Hurtado Channel 28

     Irene Mayer on Channel 8 - the correct phone # is 727-539-8900

     Quitting smoking: Dr. Alexander Prokhorov


Steven Schweinshaupt, MD

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