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Tampa Bay Detox


Detox Appointments:
We request that all patients be feeling some withdrawal the day of your 1st visit. If you are using heroin or a prescription narcotic, we ask your last use be 12-16 hours prior to visit. If you are using methadone, we ask your last use be 48 hours prior to visit. We will prescribe and dispense medications at the office to help ease the withdrawal discomfort.

Detox Contract & Agreement

What to expect during your detox:

Buprenex Detox
Day 1: A physical examination will be required. This visit may require an EKG, pregnancy test, or lab work. Consent forms will be given and will be signed. This first visit can only be Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. We request that all patients be feeling withdrawal symptoms.

Days 2&3:  We will be monitoring your withdrawal symptoms, blood pressure, and adjust any medications as needed.

All patients need to be working an outpatient recovery program.

Approximate Costs of Detox Programs:

Standard Detox (3-day) average$ 500-750*Heroin & prescription narcotics

Extended Detox (10-day) average$ 950*Methadone

Suboxone Maintenance average$ 400Monthly


90% of opiate users can be detoxed using the 3-7 day regiment.  Medications are included in the above cost.

Some medications for detox are dispensed in the office.  The FDA has issued new regulations concerning the dispensing of suboxone from the office.  It is now required to get the suboxone from the pharmacy.The prices above include the office visit and the medications.  We normally start day #1 of detox with Subutex.  On day number two we convert to Suboxone.  Usually, on day #3 we set up a weaning protocol to wean the Suboxone down over a 7-10 day period of time.  If patient's are unsuccessful after 7-10 days,  it is possible to wean off the Suboxone over a several month period of time. Some patients are candidates for Suboxone maintenance where they can take the Suboxone every day for months and possibly years. This has been very successful in helping patients avoid relapse.

Payment: Payment is required prior to dispensing of medications.  Only cash and credit cards are accepted.  Sorry, no checks.  Insurance is not accepted even if the doctor is your primary care physician.
Activities: For the first 24-48 hours after detoxification do not make any important personal or business decisions, or sign legal documents. It is recommended not to drive a car, operate machinery or power tools during the detox program.  Rest at home and gradually increase your activities as you have been instructed.

Confidentiality:  All of our opiate dependence charts are kept separately from the medical charts.  This makes it much less likely for insurance companies, legal entities, employers, and relatives to be able to access your drug use records.  Since the drug withdrawal treatment occurs at a family walk in clinic, nobody except the staff would even be aware of the reason for your visits.

Aftercare: Residual withdrawals may persist after the detox: nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, muscle aches & pains, weakness, restlessness, and insomnia. There will be medications prescribed to help minimize any discomfort associated with these symptoms. Most symptoms will last for 1-2 weeks and then will start to resolve as time goes on. Most patients are able to return to work after one week. We will continue to monitor your recovery and prescribe necessary medications for one month post-detox. At that time, we will release you to the physician that will be providing your medical care.

Long-term recovery: It is important to remember that we are essentially providing detoxification. Our long-term goal is obviously long-term recovery. The essentials for a good recovery program: Suboxone maintenance for twelve months, twelve-step groups, substance abuse therapy, medical care, and abstinence.


Steven Schweinshaupt, MD

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