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Drug and Alcohol Addiction


Dr Schweinshaupt has worked in an inpatient drug and alcohol detox center for 7 years.  At Tampa Bay Detox you can safely and successfully detox off most drugs and alcohol.


Opiate Drug Dependence and Detox


At Tampa Bay Detox you get state of the art detox treatment, but the anonymity of going to a family practice center.  No one will know why you are going the family practice office except you and the staff.

Dr Schweinshaupt uses buprenorphine and Clonidine to detox patients off of opiates.  There is also a new option with Suboxone  and Subutex (buprenorphine with and without naloxone) This is very effective for heroin, pain killers, oxycontin, vicodin, morphine, percocet, lortab, and even methadone.  Patients are amazed that they can detox on an outpatient basis and some even continue working.


Chronic Pain / Opiate dependence


For chronic pain and opiate dependence, Dr Schweinshaupt can put patients on Suboxone maintenance.  There are many benefits over methadone maintenance.

     *No need for daily visits to the clinic

     *Less dependence so it is easier to go off Suboxone. Also less tolerance

     *Drug Screens are very reliable to detect opiate abuse since buprenorphine is not detected in most urine drug screens

     *Much less likely to concomitantly abuse opiates due the blocking of opiate receptors


Alcohol Drug Detox


Dr Schweinshaupt uses Librium to detox patients off of alcohol. Revia can be used to decrease craving on a long term basis.

Nicotine Drug Detox - Stop smoking shot

For 5 years , Dr. Schweinshaupt has been medical director of a stop smoking clinic that uses a shot to help people with a nicotine addiction.  He uses Atropine and Scopolamine to help patients stop smoking.  His success rate is 86% two months after treatment.  In the last 5 years, he has treated over 3500 patients.  He has become the most knowledgeable and experienced physician working with the stop smoking shot.  See for further details.


Links to Dr. Schweinshaupt's Stop smoking shots


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