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Weight Loss at Schweinshaupt Walk-In & Family Care - Tampa, FL


Weight loss is extremely important for one's health, but sometimes extremely difficult to obtain.  When a sensible diet and exercise do not work, we offer different solutions to help people lose weight.  Weight loss here at SWIFC has several advantages.

  • medically monitored by physician and staff.

  • discrete visits to the family clinic -- some people are apprehensive or embarrassed by going to a weight loss facility.

  • weight loss and associated problems can be managed along with other medical problems.

  • any medical expenses such as physical examination, EKG, and lab work can be channeled through your insurance company.

Unfortunately, weight loss is not covered by insurance.


How much should I weigh? -- See Calculations page


        Body Mass Index Calculator - your body mass index indicates if you are overweight.

        Better Ideal Weight body calculations - A better ideal weight calculator, comparing four methods.

        Halls.MD - health calculators - of ideal weight issues.


Diet pills -- Diet pills usually help people eat less as well as eat more healthy foods.  It also improves your energy level, which help people exercise more.  It also seems to stimulate your metabolism and help you burn more calories.  While taking diet pills we need to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure.  We normally use diet pills for 6 months and then try a "med holiday".  The medication is called Adipex-P or phentermine.  Sometimes we use phendimetrizine.  We are no longer able to dispense phendimetrizine due to the new FDA regulations concerning controlled substances.  If necessary, you can still get phendimetrizine from a local pharmacy.   The visits are at least once a month and the cost is approx. $150 per month.  This is much cheaper than competing weight loss plans in Tampa. Many offices are charging $70/week or $280/month. The price includes medical follow-up, medication, and B12 injection.  Weekly B12/MIC injections are $30 each. If you buy the shots in bulk the cost drops to only $20/shot


Diet -- We recommend the South Beach diet.  Some people like to follow the Weight Watcher Diet which is good also.


              SouthBeach Phase 1 - Print here 


              SouthBeach Phase 2 - Print here


Injections --  With every visit you get a shot of  B12 and MIC (methionine, inositol, choline). This shot is called lipotropic which means fat breakdown.  These shots can be done as frequent as 2 times every week.  The basis of these injections is that the Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin used by the body to create energy. The lipotropic MIC is a combination of three amino acids which are targeted toward the liver. The liver is involved in removing fat from the body. These injections help you to lose weight by 1) boosting energy (so that you will burn off more calories) and 2) increasing the removal of fat from the body.  Shots at the office are $30.  For people who can do a shot on their own, the B12/MIC shot can be purchased 3 shots for $60.   Here is a handout on how to give a


B12/lipotropic shot.



There is a nationwide shortage on B12 so their is a decreased availability of the shots for home use. 

Here is an instructional video on giving an intramuscular shot.  


Vitamins --  It is recommended to take a good multivitamin every day such as Centrum or equivalent.  Some people take Calcium pyruvate (see below) or chromium picolinate which may have some benefit.


Fiber --  Due to the decreased bulk in you diet, constipation will be very common.  It is a good idea to take Metamucil, Citrucel, Fibersure, or similar to prevent constipation.  Make sure that you get the sugar free product.


Calcium Pyruvate -- Pyruvate is a supplement that can be taken to help increase the body's metabolic rate or ability to burn calories.  To lose weight we want the body to burn up as many calories as it can.  See this page about Calcium pyruvate for more information.


Cost --   The monthly cost of our program is around $150/month and varies according to type of diet pill and the number of shots.  This price includes a monthly office visit, one B12/MIC shot, and 30 Adipex 37.5mg pills.  The cost will be slightly higher for weekly or biweekly shots or for higher dose of  medication.  Compare our costs to other centers that charge $70/week or an average monthly (4.3 weeks) cost of $280 per month.  We only accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash for payment for weight loss.

Possible add-on therapy


Xenical -- This medicine blocks fat absorption from the intestine.  It would be ideal to eat a low fat diet,  but when you do eat fat this pill would prevent the absorption and subsequent weight gain.  This can also help with maintenance as we all like to splurge with a steak or ice cream from time to time.


Garcinia Camogia -- 







Steven Schweinshaupt, MD

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